To help insure a satisfactory hot tub ownership experience, we suggest you remember and practice the following hints and suggestions.

– Always use the Super Pre-Filter (part# JD-SPF) to fill your hot tub.

– Maintain proper water balance at all times (see Water Management Tips).

– For wooden gazebos and spas with wood skirting, apply several coats of wood
preservative immediately.  Wood is not guaranteed not to weather, warp, bow or
split (see manufacturer’s wood policy).

– Arrange decking and/or landscaping so that all sides are accessible.  It’s the
customer’s responsibility to give us complete access to the entire spa.

– In weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit you should check spa daily to be sure the
spa is hot and operating normally.  Freezing is not covered under the warranty (see
manufacturer’s warranty).

– DO NOT remove spa pillows.  Doing so may result in damage to pillows.  Pillows are
not covered under your warranty.  Replacement pillows can be purchased online.

– Plastic gazebos and spa skirting shrink and contract with changing temperature.
Should a part become distorted, simply heat with hands, or use a hair dryer, and
bend back into shape.

–  Use only a qualified electrician to hook up or disconnect electrical wires to spa.

– Rinse filters every two weeks.  Soak in Filter Cleanse (part# 87001) once a month.
Remember, the filter is the life blood of your spa and should be replaced yearly.

– Use 303 Cover Protectant (part# 303) according to the instructions on the bottle.
This will make a big difference in how long the cover will last, plus keep it looking

– We ship parts and supplies all over the world via U.P.S.  If you are ever in need of
our products and cannot get into the store, you can order online.