Winterizing Your Spa

1. Turn off power to spa at the disconnect or breaker.

2. Drain spa completely and remove all filters.

3. Use a wet/dry vac and clear out any excess water in seats or footwell.
(If your spa is not equipped with an air blower, skip steps 3-7 and proceed to step 8.)

4. If your spa is equipped with an air blower, unplug all water pumps (do not unplug blower), turn thermostat on spa to minimum and turn power to spa back on. Turn on blower and close the air venturis.

5. While blower is running, remove water that is coming from the air injectors by using a wet/dry vac or sponge.

6. Turn air blower off after all water is out of air chamber.

7. Turn off power to spa using either the disconnect or the breaker.

8. Take off the front panel to spa. You will need to locate the pumps. Each pump has two drain plugs. If there is a pump that does not have drain plugs, unscrew the union that attaches the PVC pipe to the pump. Let it drain and suck out any water that may be on the inside of the pump housing.

9. Using the blower side of the wet/dry vac, blow air into the holes where the filters would go. Blow air into each jet orifice to make sure no water is in the plumbing lines.

10. Pour swimming pool antifreeze into hole(s) where the filter(s) were located.

11. Pour swimming pool antifreeze into as many air injectors as possible. (This only applies to spas with an air blower)

12. Pour swimming pool antifreeze into as many jet orifices as possible until it comes out of the jets.

13. Leave the pump drain plugs out and store in a safe place. Re-install plugs upon start up.

14. Put cover back on spa and secure.

Note: No spa manufacturer’s warranty covers damage caused by freezing under any circumstances.